First Chief Superintendent Marc De Mesmaeker

I present to you the Federal Police’s 2019 activity report. Just like last year, only digital, visually elaborated and built around the same four parts:

  • security;
  • information management;
  • the Federal Police, an organisation;
  • the police as an employer

The main mission of the Federal Police remains the same: to contribute to security and the quality of life in our society. The challenge is to adapt to social developments, both internally and together with our (international) partners. The development of new means and new approaches — ensuring the well-being of all — are concerns to which I attach great importance.

I would like to thank my colleagues for their daily fieldwork, but also the people in the shadows who enable them to carry out their tasks.

Finally, I would like to thank those who have made it possible to highlight the work of the Federal Police as a whole through its various activities.

Enjoy your reading!"

First Chief Superintendent Marc De Mesmaeker
General Commissioner of the Federal Police


Our mission: to contribute to safety and quality of life in society. Every day, staff members are committed to achieving this goal. See here the figures of our activities for your safety.

Information Management

Information is the basis for police action. Its effective management is essential to ensure safety. In this field, digital transformation is a challenge that we are gradually taking up.

Gestion d'information
The Federal Police,
an organisation

Human, financial, logistical and ICT resources are essential to our smooth operation. We can see that the New Way of Working is gaining momentum at the Federal Police.

The police as an employer

Recruiting the right profiles, the right people, training them sustainably to the best of their ability remains a permanent challenge. An overview of our actions in these areas over the past year.